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International Expert  in Cattle Production
"Tropical Zones"
Southeast Asia & Latin America

Curriculum Vitae
International Beef Cattle Production & Marketing
Expert, Tropical Zones, Southeast Asia
& Latin America

Date of Birth: 12-29-1942               Citizenship: USA           
Married: Mary Gutierrez, 3 children
Health: Excellent
Present Position: International Expert Cattle Consultant, involved with advanced bovine genetics, cattle marketing and cattle production, dairies and feedlot construction, tropical Zones.  And owner of Endovac S.A. an embryo transfer
company & international consulting firm.
Experience:   28 years in the tropics
Personal Web Pages:  En Espaņol
English & Spanish
Computer Skills: Windows Environments, Excel, Word 97, Publisher, Power Point, Internet, Web Page Design, etc.   
Cattleman's Guide, Tropical Zones, Central & South America, Controlled, Concentrated Land Use, A Computer program, ranch management,  written in Spanish  Manejo de Fincas              A Presidential Decree for the country of Costa Rica. Controls for The National Cattle Auctions

Registered Cattle Production Consultant 

World Bank, FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), BID  &  other international organizations.
Former FAO Expert Cattle Production Consultant, with the following FAO Terms of Reference:  Seminars about 
improved pasture grasses for the tropics, & pasture rotation, Controlled, Concentrated Land Use, Controlled breeding, Cattle marketing, Genetic improvement and Project planning.  And "Hands On" consulting:  Improved beef cattle production, breeding herd controls, cattle fattening with improved tropical grasses, genetic improvement, design, construction, cattle breed selection and complete operational procedures
for  tropical Feedlots & Dairies. 

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Charlie at work in
Costa Rica

South African

En Espaņol
de Embriones

Internacional de la Ganadera

Working cattle in the tropics.
The corrals are made
of hand sawed
Mahogany wood

Plans of a Tropical
cattle feedlot  to be
constructed in

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